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WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE            A Coton de Tulear Is The Only Thing On Earth That loves You More Than He Loves Himself!!

THIS LITTLE GUY IS ON HOLD UNTIL SUNDAY MARCH 29th for the O'Conner family .The adorable male pictured above was born January 25th. Due the logistics of his family they backed out and cannot pick him up April 1st. He is available for sale. He doing great with potty training (super smart). He is very outgoing, loving, and enjoys cuddling. He likes to play with his toys. He is good with other dogs and children. He is very kind hearted. He passed his well puppy exam on March 17th with flying colors at Coit Animal Clinic. He has had his first set of vaccines/worming. If you are interested in this adorable little guy please text me.


We just want to say thank you for all the inquiries and all the loving families who have brought Cuddly Coton puppies into their families and lives. At this time we want to pray for our country during this COVID 19 crisis. Due to the alarming rate this is spreading we are no longer doing puppy visits. I hope you respect this at this time.  We want to keep everyone safe. 

Our puppies have arrived on March 25th. We have one male Coton de Tulear puppy available from the current litter that will be ready the end of May.  To inquire about these amazing companion puppies please email me at

I will email you a family questionnaire to see if you are a great fit for this amazing, loving, companion breed.   Text me at 616 723 5077 or email at

Deposits for March Litter:

1. O'Donnells Family

2. Bova Family Male

3. Texley Family Male

4. Balaan Family

5. Denton Family


The female pictured below will be ready Mid March for her furever home. Refer to Pippin for the female.

Enjoy the photos below from previous litters.

We are located in Rockford, Michigan just northeast of Grand Rapids. 

 For additional information please email me at:

or text me at 616-723-5077

I am very passionate about the Coton de Tulear breed, they are the nicest dogs we have ever had the pleasure of owning and raising. My puppies are raised in the middle of my living room with lots of love and attention. They are well socialized and spoiled by the time they go to their forever homes.  My 23 year old daughter and all her friends all always handling and loving on the puppies. My grandchildren also enjoy the puppies and they are very gentle and kind. We take pride in making sure each family and the new puppy is a good match.  It is important that my puppies go to forever, loving homes that will nurture, love and give them excellent homes.  Coton puppies are very sweet, calm, excellent with children and other pets. They are very kind hearted, affectionate, and easy going. This breed is very intelligent and easy to train. The nice thing about this breed is they are hypo-allegenic and non shedding and great for people who suffer from allergies like my own daughter.    This breed loves people, and they truly are the sweetest dogs.  

PLEASE fill out family questionnaire and forward to my email if you want to start the process of bringing your puppy

into your home. (See family questionnaire page on the website).  I will also do a phone interview with you after I see your family questionnaire.  Appointments are set up once the puppies around 5 to 6 weeks.  Deposits are first come first serve.  We do not do visits during the week, this our time to take care of the dogs and puppies, and much needed family time.  All questions are welcomed, and we welcome you into our home to visit your future puppy. 

We have the right to refuse anyone a purchase of a puppy if we do not think the puppy is a good fit.  We are very careful about who we sell to.  Please know we take all placements very seriously.

Important things to know before buying a puppy. These puppies require alot of care the first couple months in your home. They need to be let outside to potty every two hours and given praise and praise and praise to have a well trained puppy. The care doesn't stop there. If you have smaller children or other pets, you will have to limit the amount of time spent with the new puppy the first few months. The puppies still require a lot of rest and they do not need to be overplayed with by children or other pets. They need adequate rest as they grow. Ten minutes three times a day is all they can handle when they are first brought into their new home. Exhaustion and dehydration go hand in hand. You don't want your puppy to be rushed into the Emergency vet because it didn't have adequate time to rest.

They also require grooming, brushing, and bathing.  They need to be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks, so when considering this breed, remember their coat does need constant care. 

Bringing a puppy into your family is a big commitment. They live 14 to 18 years.  I want my puppies to be in a loving, safe, secure,

nurturing environment.  I want to know that this is a serious commitment for you as well. Deposits are non refundable because I want you to be 100 percent committed to your puppy. 


I am a small hobby breeder so we can dedicate the time, attention, and energy to our litters of puppies.  Each puppy gets individualized attention and love.  Our puppies are held, loved, cuddled and socialized, and we believe in raising them with children. Our puppies are home raised, we are not a kennel. We are located in Rockford, Michigan about 10 minutes north of Grand Rapids.  We are very passionate about raising healthy, happy, and socialized puppies.  

They will be either UKC or AKC registered, health checked, and have their first set of shots and worming. My puppies come with a health guarantee, puppy shot records, puppy care package, and a blanket with the scent of their Mom on it. If you want a beautiful loving companion pet this is the breed for you. No breeding rights are given, spay and neuter contract is mandatory. I am a reputable breeder that will make sure every puppy is going to a loving home and is enjoyed by their family as a pet, and is loved, well taken care of. Each family will be screened to make sure each placement is a happy and lifelong home for the puppy.  

For local deliveries including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa I do have a driver that will hand deliver your puppy to you.  We can calculate the cost of the driver to your door. 


Each puppy comes with: Puppy care guide, potty training schedule, grooming guide, training class information, puppy package, and I am available after your take your puppy home to answers any questions you may have. These puppies are like our babies, and we want them to go to great families, and we want to help you in any way to have your puppy adjust and thrive.




*****Considering how long you will have your dog with your family, paying a bit more for your puppy to get a great quality pet is often well spent. Trust me I speak from experience and I take pride in high breeding values and standards,  hands on care, and provide a genetic health guarantee. I only have a couple of litters of puppies a year so I can give them the extra time, love and attention and you will receive a very spoiled, socialized,  puppy that will adjust nicely to your family.


FUN FACTS & CELEBRITY BUZZ: Catherine Zeta Jones received a Coton De Tulear puppy for her birthday:

Hubby Michael Douglas surprised his lovely wife in September with a Coton De Tulear puppy. The actress had been dropping hints that she wanted a Coton puppy, so it wasn't completely a surprise. Catherine said "he is the sweetest little thing."



Photo below is Hank.  He is ready for Halloween. 





In 1974, a breed standard was drawn up for the Coton de Tulear, but today he is considered one of the world's rarest pure-breed dogs and is threatened within extinction within its own country. Fortunately, breeders within Europe and the United States seek to raise awareness for this unique breed and continue to breed and exhibit animals that are true to the original standards.

I proudly stand behind my puppies and:


A  GOOD breeder takes a LIFETIME interest in ALL dogs produced. I want to know how your dog/puppy does in its new home, I encourage getting calls, emails, cards from you and I am always there for you when a question or problem comes up. A good breeder is a mentor and a good friend to all buyers and dogs they have produced.  A good breeder is passionate about the breed and breeds with high ethics and morals to improve the standards of the breed. A good breeder will sell the puppy with a spay/neuter contract or alter the dog before placement!  A spayed or neutered dog will live a long healthier life!



Animal planet had a wonderful documentary on the Coton De Tulear. Here is the link to learn more about them. Enjoy!!!!!!





Hi Linda,

My husband and I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for our experience with acquiring our newest family member, Sophie, from your loving home.

We knew we wanted a Coton de Tulear, but we wanted to make sure that we purchased from a breeder, that was passionate about maintaining a healthy and nurturing environment. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with you to acquire our Coton, Sophie. We felt well informed and communicated with through every step. Sophie is both intelligent and has a wonderful disposition. She continues to bring us so much joy. Thanks again.

Ann & Floyd Chasse

JUNE 2019

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